Fire Extinquishers

We sell an extensive variety of hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers, both "compliance" (code required) and "specialty" types. "Specialty" type extinguishers are intended for use on particular types of hazards, so careful attention should be made to locating them in close proximity to the specific hazard they are meant to protect. It is natural for a person to use the extinguisher located nearest to a fire. NFPA 10 should be consulted for minimum recommended fire extinguisher types, placement and travel distances. We are equipped to help you evaluate and implement these recommendations.

ABC DRY CHEMICAL Wood, Paper, Liquids & Electrical Fires
ABC or Multi-Purpose extinguishers utilize a specially fluidized and siliconized mono ammonium phosphate dry chemical. It chemically insulates Class A fires by melting at approximately 350 degrees and coats surface to which it is applied. It smothers and breaks the chain reaction of Class B fires and will not conduct electricity back to the operator.

Available in Wheeled and Stationary extinguishers. Download the ABC Dry Chemical specifications.

REGULAR DRY CHEMICAL Liquids and Electrical Fires
Regular extinguishers contain a siliconized sodium bicarbonate based dry chemical with free flowing and non-caking additives. Economical Class B & C protection with lower initial cost and recharging. This chemical smothers fires in flammable liquids and pressurized gases and will not conduct electricity back to the operator.

Available in Wheeled and Stationary extinguishers. Download the Regular Dry Chemical specifications.

PURPLE K DRY CHEMICAL Liquids and Electrical Fires
Purple K extinguishers contain specially fluidized and siliconized potassium bicarbonate dry chemical which is particularly effective on Class B flammable liquids and pressurized gases. It is electrically non-conductive. Purple K has been the choice of oil, gas, chemical and utilities industries as the preferred fire fighting agent.

Available in Wheeled and Stationary extinguishers

CO2 Liquids and Electrical Fires
Carbon Dioxide is discharged as a white cloud of "snow" which smothers a fire by eliminating oxygen. It is effective for Class B flammable liquids and is electrically non-conductive. Carbon Dioxide is a clean, non-contaminating, odorless gas, safe for use on clothing, equipment, valuable documents or food.

Also available in 50 and 100 lb. Wheeled extinguishers

CLASS K WET CHEMICAL Kitchens and Class A Fires
Wet Chemical extinguishers are the best restaurant kitchen appliance hand portable fire extinguishers you can purchase. Both have been tested and approved for the new Class K listing by UL specifically for restaurant kitchen hazards. They contain a special potassium acetate based, low PH agent developed for use in pre-engineered restaurant kitchen systems. The recent trend to more efficient cooking appliances and use of unsaturated cooking oils dictates the use of a hand portable fire extinguisher with greater fire fighting capacity and cooling effect to combat these very hot and difficult fires.

Download the Class K Wet Chemical extinguisher specifications.

Halotron Wood, Paper, Liquids,& Electrical Fires (Depending On Size)
Halotron I is a "clean agent" HydroChloroFluoroCarbon discharged as a rapidly evaporating liquid which leaves no residue. It effectively extinguishes Class A and B fires by cooling and smothering and it will not conduct electricity back to the operator. Halotron is pressurized with Argon gas and is an EPA and FAA approved HCFC blend B agent approved for use on Class A, B and C fires.

Download the Halotron Amerex specifications.

We Also Have Water, Foam, Water Mist And Class D Extinguishers!