About Us

We are a modern company with old-fashioned values. Owner, Ted James, purchased Clinton Fire Equipment Co. in 1999. Since then he has opened a satellite office in Freeport, IL. In 2004 he purchased A-1 Fire Equipment Co. in Davenport, IA, which is the oldest fire equipment company in the Quad Cities. A-1 has been the industry leader since 1961 and in the past year moved to an updated shop and showroom in Bettendorf, IA. Most recently, we combined all of our offices and various services under the name Company One Fire Suppression and Safety Solutions.

Our continuing education keeps us abreast of new fire and safety methods and techniques, and our website places us solidly in 21st century technology. We realize that there is no substitute for repeat and referral business. That is why customer satisfaction is still our number-one business asset.


The Company One Evolution

1960 - A-1 Fire Equipment was founded by Gilbert Short, Rock Island, IL

1981 - Clinton Fire Equipment was founded by Paul Cosman Sr. (2 Full Time / 2 Part Time)

1994 - Clinton Fire Equipment was taken over by Paul Cosman Jr. (2 Full Time)

1999 - Clinton Fire Equipment was purchased by Ted and Kerry James, moved from a garage to its current location at the base of the North Bridge in Fulton, IL

2002 - Freeport Branch Office, 311 East S. Street, Freeport was added to serve the Freeport area.

2003 - Blast Off Pressure Washing Division (commercial & residential) was added to service pressure washing needs.

2004 Davenport location, A-1 Fire Equipment purchased from Gilbert Short and moved to current location at 2801 State Street in Bettendorf, Iowa.

2005 - Company One Fire Suppression & Safety Solutions incorporated all entities of the growing business to simplify our identity and commit our dedication to the Fire Protection & Safety Industry.

2008 - Company One Fire Suppression and Safety Solutions completed its newest addition to the company by adding space to accommodate its growing customer base and 24 skilled employees.

2010 - Acquired RJS Electronics in Clinton Iowa. Company has grown to 30 employees.

2012 - RJS Electronics moves to new location at 1960 South 21st Street, Clinton, Iowa.

2013 - RJS Electronics moves to 1305 3rd Street, Fulton, Illinois, Main Office